Student Loan Forgiveness: President Biden Announces Student Loan Relief

If you have applied for student loan forgiveness. Then surely you are worried when everyone is looking for the court orders about canceling or retaining this relief…

But on the other hand, President Joe Biden looks very confident that the Court will not strike down student loan forgiveness. Many young Americans’ lives are associated with student loan relief programs.

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You can get updates on all the student loan debt relief programs on our page. We will even discuss what happens if the Court struck down the student loan relief plan and backup plans? Joe Biden can think about how to proceed?? So stay with us!!!

But before going deep into the current situation, I want to discuss this program with my friends who don’t know about it. You can also learn about the student loan forgiveness program’s eligibility criteria and application procedure.

All About: Joe Biden’s Student Loan Relief:

President Joe Biden believes that if a student cannot attend high school, it’s the first failure of his life. And it leads individuals to a middle-class lifestyle. And for many people, the cost of borrowing for college has become a long-lasting burden. So, he promised to provide the student loan forgiveness plan. It is for helping the students to get higher education.

According to recent analytics, millions of students benefit from these loan relief plans. And get to study at highly-ranked universities and support their families. It’s a good start by Joe Biden for the welfare of students. Check the below information. Are you eligible for this student loan forgiveness plan or not? Apply for it.

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What is a Student loan forgiveness plan?

On 24-August, the Joe Biden and his Administration proposed eliminating up to $20,000 in student loan forgiveness plan. This action would impact a significant number of more than 43 million students who borrowed funds to finance their higher education.

Unfortunately, the plan of loan forgiveness has been challenged legally, resulting in the U.S. Department of Education no longer accepting new applications and suspending the distribution of any debt relief.

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Based on information from U.S. News, the average student loan borrower carries almost $30,000 in debt, including private loans and federal. The administration’s proposal would relieve millions of borrowers and eliminate the remaining balance for approximately 20 million borrowers, as the U.S. Department of Education reported.

Nevertheless, according to the Education Department, the plan’s implementation could have high costs for taxpayers, ranging from $300 billion to $400 billion over the next ten years.

Who is eligible for the Student Loan forgiveness plan?

Megan Walter is a National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators policy analyst. He stated that current federal students and borrowers held undergraduate, graduate, and Parent PLUS loans disbursed on or before June 30 are eligible for the relief in 2022.

According to the White House, borrowers should have an income of less than $125,000 annually. On the other hand, household earnings should be less than $250,000 per year. Then you will be eligible for the $10,000 in loan forgiveness.

Additionally, the only students who have received the Pell Grants during higher education will receive $10,000 more. The total amount will be $20,000.

How to Get Student Loan Forgiveness?

Student loan forgiveness plans will automatically be awarded to the students as their records are already available to the department. And the procedure for the remaining students to apply is also very simple.

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You must put your income data in the application and apply for a loan. You can find the application on their official site.

If you are considering applying for the student loan forgiveness plan, complete the procedure before December 31, 2023.

Are you confused between loan forgiveness and Loan Discharge?

If you need clarification that loan forgiveness and discharge are the same, then you are wrong. Loan Forgiveness or loan cancellation occurs when doing a nonprofitable private job or working in a government institute.

And then, the loan discharge occurs when the specific person is dead or permanently disabled. And sometimes in the case of bankruptcy.

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This is all about the student loan forgiveness plan. But at this time, it is on hold. So, it is very important to look at its present situation. Let’s discuss current situations.

What is the Current Situation of the Student Loan Forgiveness plan?

The current situation is very critical, and it is on hold at this time. Everyone is waiting for the next hearing. But Joe Biden and his administration are working to continue this relief related to the thousands of student’s lives.

But to the downfall of the economy, every result will be possible. Now it is in the hands of the Court what happened to those thousands of students and families.

Is it true that the relief will not get struck down?

Joe Biden is the only person who stands on the side of the student loan forgiveness plan. In his public talks, he says we will be a winner as we are on the safe side of the law. The Supreme Court must initially decide whether the lawsuits impeding President Biden’s plan for student debt relief have a valid basis.

If it’s determined that there is no valid basis for a relief loan, the Court cannot rule on whether the debt relief was an excessive use of authority. During the proceedings, the justices doubted the legitimacy of the Republican-led states’ claim that the student loan provider MOHELA should be included in their case.

What if Supreme Court strike down Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness fund?

Two lawsuits challenging President Joe Biden’s proposal for unprecedented student loan forgiveness are planned to be reviewed by the Court. The plan would forgive federal student loans worth $10,000 or $20,000 for approximately 40 million borrowers.

Last year, federal courts blocked the initiative due to challenges by a group of Republican-led state and a specific conservative organization. Joe Biden and his administration appealed to the Supreme Court, hearing will be going to held very soon.

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Decision is expected to be announced in the coming days, though it is unclear how the justices will rule. The remarks and inquiries made by the justices during the hearing may offer some insight. Joe Biden administration is confident in the legality of the student loan forgiveness proposal.

Is any backup plan If Supreme Court Struck down Loan Forgiveness:

Joe Biden and his government have not made an official plan if the Court struck down the student loan relief plan. Some bureaucrats and high authority if education departments advise them to run the same program as HEA. It may work or not. No one is sure about that.

But it will be a difficult task for Joe Biden’s administration. Or it could stop here. Or they have some other plan, but they did not revive it.

What happens next?

Predicting anything is not possible at this time. But everyone looks right in their place. The Court supports Mr. Biden; it’s a small deal to consider. But the lives of thousands of students should be considered by the Court.

Because the survival of those people is attached to this student loan forgiveness plan if the Court declares it legal, the educational institution will continue its procedure where it left it.

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