Why should Servite High School be your first choice?

Any mistake in choosing an education institute can put your life at risk. So, always be conscious before choosing the institute. Here I will explain how to choose the best institute for yourself. And that is why I recommend you go to a Servite High School to complete your studies.

When a hardworking student completes his early education, he always dreams of getting higher education. Choosing the best institute for higher education is one of the turning points of student life.

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Servite High School is located in Anaheim, California, and is a well-known school for boys. The service school is ranked among the top 25 schools in the world. It provides an out-of-class academic curriculum for its students. Servite High School’s main focus is leadership, academic excellence, extracurricular opportunities, and athletics. Moreover, character building, motivating the student, and cultivating wise minds to succeed are major aims of Servite High School.

With curricular and extracurricular activities, many funding opportunities and scholarships are also provided to the students. Hence, you can say that Servite High School provides every basic and excellent facility to their students. Let’s discuss all the schools in detail!

Mission and Philosophy Statement of Servite High School:

Before being admitted to any high school, you must know all about it. Any high school’s mission and philosophy statement represents the future prospectus of that school and its students. So, here I will tell you what Servite High School thinks about its coming leaders.

The Servite high school does not only act as a school. It also focuses on its students’ personal and spiritual lives. They are trying to make their students the next generation’s leaders by building faith, wisdom, beliefs, confidence, knowledge, and intellect.

Servite High School builds a relationship of brotherhood with its students in every aspect. When you become a part of Servite High School, you will be a part of this relationship.

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The philosophy that Servite High School adheres to is all about personal development. The progress of any society is in the hands of humans. How they work to achieve success in their lives matters a lot. And their hard work and smarts are greatly polished by their educational institute.

Academic curriculum and departments of Servite High school:

The reputation of any high school is mainly determined by its academic record. And you will be surprised to know that Servite High School is famous for its high ACT and SAT scores. That’s why boys dream of being admitted to service high school.

On the other hand, as Servite School is mainly focused on boys, their academic environment is according to the nature of boys. The student-teacher ratio is about 1:16. Also, every class has a maximum of 21 students, not more than this.

All these arrangements at the Servite school are basically for the success of their students. So many students graduating from Servite High School are admitted to top world universities.

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If you are impressed by Servite High School’s study management, let’s discuss its departments. The departments of English, science, Fine Arts, health, social studies, theology, Mathematics and world languages are the major departments at Servite.

The acceptance rate of the graduates of Servite High School is about 95%. The graduates are usually applying to top-ranked national and international universities. Servite High School tries to polish the students’ talent, trust, and skills to serve in different departments.

Admission and enrollment at Servite high school:

For a proper inquiry about the admission protocol of the university, visit the university site and fill out the inquiry form to get all the updated knowledge you need. On the other hand, you can visit the campus to get all the information you need about admission and enrollment.

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A “shadow day” is mainly organized for the students and their parents to visit the campus. The students in 8th grade are usually invited in on an informational night to learn about the Servites.

Besides this campus tour, in-home information nights and an admission webinar series also educate parents and students. You can also avail yourself of the “Discover Servite Open House” opportunity to visit the Servite high school community.

After getting all the information about the campus and deciding on your department, enrol in that discipline by completing the form online. Confirm your enrollment and start your journey with the Servite community.

Tuition and Financial Information of Servite High school:

The tuition fee for 2023–2024 is around $19,115. But this fee covers all the expenditures of the student counseling services, report cards, student ID, testing charges, and many more.

This fee is not fixed. You can also get a discount on your fee in different situations from Servite School, such as a $100 discount for Catholic students. Also, if your elder brother is already a student at Servite, you can get a discount of about $200.

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For the ease of your families, Servite High School offers three different plans of fee submission. The first one is to pay the fee annually. Most parents like to adopt this plan because there are no other charges when they pay annually other than the convenience fee.

The second and most popular fee submission plan is the semi-annual payment plan. In this plan, you must pay the whole year’s fee in two installments. With this plan, you must also pay $50 as an enrollment fee.

And the third one is to pay the fee monthly. If your parents are government servers, then that is your best option. But when you pay the monthly fee, you must also pay the convenience fee of 2.98% and $50 as an enrollment fee.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Servite high schools have different types of scholarships. Loan programs and third-party financial aid programs help students pay tuition fees. As well as manage other expenses such as admission fees, traveling, hostel fees, or other documentation fees.

You can apply for FACTS grants financial aid program during your study at Servite high school. If you are fresher, you are also eligible for this aid program. But consider the date of application and application procedure carefully. The school’s website mentions the deadlines for all types of scholarships and aid programs.

Studying in the Servite school, you don’t have to worry about financial expenses because more than 50% of the students get different types of financial aid. You can get merit-based as well as need based scholarships from Servite School. Around 3 million dollars are given for need-based scholarships. You can also get financial aid if you are a regular student or have any sports activities.

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Private loan companies easily give study loans to the enrolled students of Servite High School. So, if you need some more help with financial aid, you can easily apply for loan programs. The school is not part of that loan company. You have to apply for yourself by directly contacting the company.

Student life and athletics at Servite High school:

Many co-curricular activities, such as theatre programs, comedy sports, visual arts, choir, academic societies, award-winning programs, etc., took place with the curricular activities.

Along with this, Servite high school offers CIF sports. About every student of the Servite participates in different sports. But the most popular is athletics, and 75% of the Servite students participate in Athletics.

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